How Often Do You Replace a Water Heater?

How Often Do You Replace a Water Heater?
Our water heaters do a lot for us in terms of making our day to day lives run smoothly, which is why having them work efficiently is important. However, even with regular maintenance, the lifespan of a water heater is usually over by the time it is 10 years old. If your water heater is younger than that but is exhibiting signs that are unusual, a water replacement may be the best option. Of course, plumbing contractors will always check to see if repairs can be completed, but if your water heater is beyond repair, a water heater installation is your best bet. Below are signs that it might be the time to get a water heater replacement.

When To Replace a Water Heater

  • Rust Colored Water: Sometimes when we have rusty water, its due to pipes, but more often than not rust colored water is due to the fact that the inside of the water heater is corroding.
  • Strange Noises from the Water Heater: We shouldn’t be able to hear our water heater when it comes on. If you hear banging or rumbling from a water heater, then its time to get a water heater replacement. Noises from the water heater are caused by sediment buildup.
  • Water at the Base of the Tank: Water should be in the water heater and not outside of it. unfortunately, water that is found around a water heater is a sign that a replacement is needed.
  • Lack of Hot Water: There are many reasons why a water heater might not be properly heating your water, which can include a defective thermostat, malfunctioning heating element, or the water heater tank is too small for your home. Whatever the reason, this is a sign to get a replacement.

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