What Happens When Water Main Breaks?

Water main is a term we hear often when it comes to our plumbing, but what is it really. This is a pipe that carries fresh water to the homes along your street, usually located under the street and your front yard. It is very important to your home and when it breaks it can be devastating. A rupture in this pipe allows water to spurt up through the ground, sometimes through your front lawn and sometimes through the street. Because of the force of the water traveling through these pipes, it can flood the area relatively quickly. When this happens, you should know that contacting the city should be your first step towards repair. Because it is a city-provided service, the water main is normally within their purview for repair. However, if the burst is occurring within your yard, contact a plumber to come to inspect the issue. There may be a break within your supply lines instead. If the break is with your supply lines, it will be your responsibility to repair these. Acting quickly can save your home damage to your paving, lawn, and home.

How Can You Tell if You Have a Water Leak?

Water main

There are instances where a water main burst may not be as visual as a geyser suddenly forming on your lawn or in the street. However, the lucky thing about plumbing is that there are usually clear-cut indicators that something is going on with your plumbing system and your water main. Many people start to worry about plumbing issues when there is a spike in the water bill. If you notice an unusual rise in your water meter, check your water pressure and your lawn. A damaged pipe will reduce water pressure considerably while all of the water that should be coursing into your home may be dispersed into your yard, making it soggy and even creating puddles. These are serious issues as the water could affect your home structure if left alone.

How Long Does it Take to Fix a Broken Water Main?

Once service is scheduled, your plumbers act quickly to remedy the situation before any more damage can happen. Our team of experts inspects your home plumbing as well as the main to identify all of the issues that will need to be fixed at the time. Once the plumbing issues and pipes have been located and inspected, you will be pleased to learn that it only takes at most six hours to repair the issue! This means in six hours or less your water can return to your home. Are you dealing with a water main issue in Fort Worth, TX? Westside Plumbing plumbers provide quality repair and service for your home plumbing. Call us today at (817) 560-4144!