Benefits of Having a Bidet

Bidets are installed in most bathrooms all over the world sans America. The United States seems to have a fear of this sanitation plumbing appliance, and are missing out on great health benefits. Here is how your life could improve with the installation of a bidet in your bathroom:

You Can Get a Bidet Attached to Your Toilet or as a Separate Appliance

Environmentally Friendly

Save hundreds of dollars on toilet paper and wet wipes as they are not needed anymore. Be environmentally friendly and save trees by only using water instead of toilet paper.

More Sanitary

America traditionally has been a conservative country, and maybe that has been why we have rejected bidets, but bidets are actually more sanitary than toilet paper! Pressurized water cleans you without you ever having to come into contact with human waste like you directly do with toilet paper. This can cut back on the passing of harmful diseases like salmonella and Hepatitis A.

Great For Those With Medical Issues

Bidets can help people suffering from constipation, hemorrhoids, arthritis, mobility issues, and more!

Versatile and Affordable

Bidets come in two forms: attached to the toilet or a separate appliance often found next to the toilet. The attached version is extremely affordable, costing around $100 and installs to the underside of your toilet to spray water upwards. The traditional bidet looks like a combination of a water fountain and toilet, and is the one most often associated with the word “bidet.”

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