Professional Water Leak Repair

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If you opened your monthly water bill and had the shock of a lifetime, then there is probably a good chance you have a hidden plumbing leak. Water leaks can be devastating when it comes to your home and should be taken care of immediately to prevent costly repairs in the future. When you’re looking for a plumbers trusted by countless DFW locals, give Westside Plumbing a call at (817) 560-4144. We’ll get started as quickly as possible on your Fort Worth, TX water leak repair.

Escalating Problems From Water Leaks

Neglecting a water leak can lead to some huge problems in the future. Like most things in life, plumbing issues tend to start out small but can escalate very quickly. You may first notice a little water build up here and there, or maybe an extra few dollars on your water bill. These problems don’t necessarily seem like the most urgent of issues. Left unchecked however, a small leak can end up costing thousands of dollars down the road. These are just a handful of the problems that continuous leaks may cause:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Flooding
  • Foundation Damage
  • Ruined Flooring

Spotting these leaks can be harder than you’d think. While homeowners can easily spot leaks coming out of appliances, those originating in secluded pipes may take weeks or even months to detect. If your sewer line or main water line crack and start to leak, you may not notice the effects until you read the monthly bill.

What Can Homeowners Do Then?

A Detached PVC Pipe Leaking Water

One Small Leak is All it Takes to Cause Big Problems.

If you suspect a leak, turn off all the water appliances in the house. Take a steady walk throughout your home, listening in every room for running water. If you can’t hear or see any leaks, try examining your water meter. Small leaks may be difficult to notice at first. Try writing down the reading and coming back 30 minutes later. You should be able to tell immediately whether or not you have a leak.

Even if you can’t locate the leak, you should talk with your local plumber as soon as possible. At Westside Plumbing, we’re more than happy to examine your system and test for leaks. If the problem lies with your plumbing system, you can depend on us to identify the source and fix it. Call (817) 560-4144 today for more information, or to schedule an appointment for water leak repair in Fort Worth, TX.