Expert Water Main Repair

Adjusting the Main Water Line in Muddy Water

Water Main Issues Can Escalate Quickly. Make Sure You Contact Your Local Plumber for Fast Repairs.

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Cracked Water Main Symptoms

Most water main problems start small, but they can escalate quickly. One of the first symptoms you may detect is a hefty water bill. If this occurs, you’ll want to take the same steps you’d take for any potential water leak. Start by turning off all your home appliances and consulting with your water meter. If the meter indicates that your home is still consuming water, you’ll want to have your water shut off. Be sure to call your plumber as well, who can quickly identify the section that needs replacement. This can be achieved via video inspections, so that your yard won’t need to be dug up to find one leak.

Just as a broken sewer line can create stinky puddles of waste water, your water main may also generate small ponds of water. Again, it’s critical that you shut the water off before the situation can get any worse.

What Causes Water Main Malfunctions?

Heavily Degraded Piping in a Main Water Line

Degraded Piping is One of the Common Causes of Main Line Failure.

There are both external and internal forces that can affect your water main. External elements include shifting ground and invasive tree roots. Aggressive tree roots can crack and infiltrate your main water line until it’s clogged with root growth. This can lead to some unfortunate backflow issues.

Internal forces include excessive water pressure, corrosion, and mineral deposits. Anything that can place unnecessary strain on your pipe joints can create a leak or even fracture the pipe entirely. If you’ve had hard water issues in the past, it’s possible that mineral and dirt content has clogged a section of your main line and forced a leak. You can prevent this problem through via chemical treatment, a water softener, or a filtration system.

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