Video Inspections

pipes in wallSometimes you know that something isn’t quite right with the plumbing, but you have no idea what it actually is. Well, thanks to modern technology, we now have the ability to provide high-definition video inspections on all sizes of pipes. This takes all of the guesswork out of plumbing, as you can now physically see what the exact problem is. And thanks to radio transmitters, we know just where to dig, so there will be no extensive damage to your yard. So when you are looking for a dependable local plumber, give Westside Plumbing a call at (817) 560-4144. We provide pipe video inspections in Fort Worth, TX.

How do video inspections work?

A video inspection works kind of like a needle and thread. We carefully push a waterproof camera that is mounted on a rigid but flexible metal line into your piping. Being both rigid and flexible, it allows us to take a camera to some pretty amazing places whether it be around a corner or through a tight u-turn. The camera sends back a high-definition video to a monitor, which our skilled plumber will look at, inspecting for issues on the inside of the pipe. If we do find a problem where the pipe has to be repaired, we know exactly where it’s at. The camera end has a radio transmitter that sends a signal back up through the ground where we can find it with pinpoint accuracy. This limits a lot of the need for digging up the entire line to see exactly where the problem is, and because we physically look inside the pipe, it lets us find problem areas that could crop up later.

When should I have a video inspection done?

There are a few times you should have your plumbing lines physically inspected.

  • Did you just move in? 
    • If you found the home of your dreams you might not want to get to excited yet. It’s always a good idea to have everything checked out when initially purchasing a house. By doing so you are covering your back, and making sure that you don’t have big issues show up later on down the road.
  • Is your bill higher than normal?
    • You may have noticed your bill seems to be growing just a little bit more every month. You could have a water leak slowly eating away at your hard earned dollars. With a video inspection, we can tell you exactly where the leak is, and to what extent it’s cracked.
  • Do you have a blockage? 
    • So your water isn’t coming out like it should. The guilty party is most likely a blockage somewhere in the pipes. How are you supposed to know where it is though? With video inspections, we can search the entire pipe without causing any big disruptions

So when you’re looking for video inspections in Fort Worth, TX make sure give Westside Plumbing a call at (817) 560-4144.