Affordable Garbage Disposal Repair

You can’t miss something until it’s gone. A garbage disposal is an incredibly useful tool when it’s working right, you probably don’t even realize how much you use yours. When your garbage disposal breaks, you should call a professionally trained plumber to come take care of the problem right the first time. Never stick your hand down a garbage disposal (that is, if you’re fond of your fingers)! So when you’re looking for reliable garbage disposal repair in Fort Worth, TX, give Westside Plumbing at call at (817) 560-4144.

The Underside of a Garbage Disposal System

Garbage Disposal Clogs and Leaks Can Lead to Some Smelly Consequences.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

A clogged disposal can be a real problem for anyone wanting to use the faucet and sink. We tend to put our garbage disposals under tremendous amounts of stress compared to what they’re actually designed to do.  So how do you know if you need garbage disposal repair? Ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Does it make weird noises when turned on?
  • Can you still see food after running it?
  • Does your sink smell bad?

With regular use of your garbage disposal, you start to know what it should sound like. If you notice that your garbage disposal is starting to make some weird noises, this may be the sign of a clogged disposal. However, if the disposal is making grinding or crunching noises, it may be the sign of a more serious problem.

Keep an eye out for clear signs of food waste lining the sides of your disposal. Again, do not try to reach in with your hand to clear the debris. As clogs develop, the trapped waste will start to smell very quickly. You can try to clear it out with a non-caustic drain cleaner, but you may need to contact a professional.

Costly Disposal Leaks

A leaky garbage disposal can destroy those beautiful wood cabinets you have and create mold and mildew growth. If you start to notice water buildup underneath the sink, you may well have a leaking disposal. Fixing a leaky garbage disposal requires specialized tools and materials, and you should always hire a quality plumber to handle it for you.

At Westside Plumbing, we’ve been servicing garbage disposals for quite some time. When you want it done right the first time, give us a call at (817) 560-4144. We the trusted choice of local residents in need of garbage disposal repair in Fort Worth, TX.