New Construction Plumbing Problems

A Plumber Fixing a Sewage Pipe at a New Construction Site

Find Out What the Most Common New Construction Plumbing Issues Are.

If you are a business owner who is either having a new building built or you are building onto your existing building, you know how important the plumbing. New construction plumbing is important as it ensures you get the plumbing you need for your new property. While contractors do their very best to make sure nothing goes wrong, there can be issues in various areas of the new construction, including plumbing. Below are some of the new construction plumbing problems that buildings and offices can face.

  • Clogs in Pipes: With new construction of a building, it may seem too early to have clogs in your pipes, but it can happen. This could be due to inadequate installation that has lead to pipe clogs. Another thing to consider is that tree roots, which are a common reason for pipe clogs, have made their way into your new plumbing pipes. Whatever the reason, it’s important to get it taken care of right away.
  • Drain Blockages: When you have clogs in plumbing pipes, then you most likely have blockages in your drains. When the pipes become clogged, it can cause the drain to become blocked. Because the drain is blocked up, the water cannot flow as freely as it should. This needs to be addressed right away in order to avoid further damages to your drains and pipes.

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