What To Do In Case Of A Plumbing Emergency

Nobody wants to deal with a plumbing emergency at home. Water damages are hard to clean, and often require more replacements than repairs. Obviously the first step in a plumbing emergency is to call for help. If you call our team at (817) 560-4144, we can send a plumber out ASAP to help you out. However, there are also some things you can do to minimize damages while you wait for the emergency plumber to arrive. Today we will discuss the various ways you can keep your home from flooding during a plumbing emergency!

Shutting Off The Water In An Emergency

Plumbing Emergency

Are You Prepared For A Plumbing Emergency?

Depending on what your plumbing emergency is, there are a few different ways you can address it, though all of these methods involve shutting off the water. For example, say your toilet is overflowing. In this instance, your simplest solution to minimize damage is to shut off the water valve located directly behind your toilet. That valve should effectively prevent any additional water from flowing into the malfunctioning toilet. This method is also effective fro appliances such as your fridge, washing machine, and sinks.

If you have a burst pipe outside of the home, or even within a wall that is leaking or gushing water, you will likely need to shut off all of the water to your home. Most houses are equipped with two ways to shut off the water to the home. One valve is located somewhere close to the wall of your home. It can often be found in your front yard, possibly in the garden. Sometimes, if the yard line is the line giving you problems, that valve may not be operational. In that case, you can use the water valve located in the street, typically directly in the front of your home. This water valve shuts off any water that goes into your home.

Be sure to know where all of the water shut off valves are located on your property, so that you are prepared in case of a plumbing emergency, and be sure to have our number (817) 560-4144 handy in case you need fast and affordable plumbing repairs.