What Is Hydro Jetting?

Are you having problems with slow drains at home? Over time, your drains can begin to accumulate oils, soap scum, food particles, hair, and worse. This can lead to clogs, bad odors, and even burst pipes. You may have heard about a service called hydro jetting. Today we will go over what hydro jetting is, and how it can help clean your dirty drains and pipes.

No More Clogs, No More Slime

hydro jettingCreated to clean your drains more effectively, hydro jetting services can also keep pipes clean longer. The antiquated methods such as snakes and chemicals, are less effective, and are known to be rather messy. Such antiquated techniques also create opportunities for additional clogs to gather, by forcing the pieces of the first clog deeper into the pipe. When clogs are forced deeper in the pipes, they can cause your pipes to burst from the pressure.

Hydro jetting solves these problems by blasting the clog apart completely, and leaving zero large parts behind to congeal lower in the drain. As added defense against additional clogs, the heavily pressurized water is extremely efficient at removing grime and oil off of the inside of the pipe, which are generally the starting points of many clogs. And thanks to the way the hydro jet destroys blockage within the drain, there is zero mess to deal with when the procedure is complete!

If hydro jetting sounds like the ideal option for your home’s pipes, give our team of experts a call today at (817) 560-4144!