What Not To Stick Down Your Home’s Garbage Disposal


What Not To Stick Down Your Home's Garbage Disposal

Your home’s garbage disposal is a great way to get rid of food waste without throwing it into the trash. While it is a great plumbing device to have, there are a number of things you can’t put down your home’s garbage disposal. Below is a list of foods and items to avoid throwing down your disposal.

Coffee Grounds

This seems like it would be easy for the garbage disposal to dispose of, and it is, but it ends up piling up and pasting together. This, in turn, will cause blockages in the disposal.

Egg Shells

Another item that we have always put down the garbage disposal, but we really shouldn’t are egg shells. While egg shells are soft, the membrane of the shell can stick to the disposal and wrap around the disposal’s shredder.

Food Peels

Carrot, potato, and apple peels should not go down the garbage disposal. Because of the texture, the mixture of water can cause a thick texture that will make it hard for the disposal to work properly.


This is pretty common knowledge, but it bears repeating. Do NOT put grease down your garbage disposal. This can cause clogs in your pipes, which is never a fun thing to deal with.


When pasta gets wet, it tends to expand. When you dump uncooked or even cooked pasta down the disposal, it will eventually expand and clog up the disposal’s trap. Also, pasta like¬†spaghetti or linguine can get caught around the blades, making them less efficient.

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