4 of the Most Common Water Leaks You’ll Find in Your Home

Water leaks can be a real pain. Not only are they annoying, but if they are not dealt with soon, they can cause a lot of damage and money. But where exactly do the leaks most commonly happen? The more you know about where water leaks are likely to occur, the better prepared you will be. Here are the four most common water leaks you’ll find in your home.

4 of the Most Common Water Leaks You'll Find in Your Home

Water Connectors Are One of the Most Common Water Leaks.

Water Pressure

Water pressure can feel really nice, but it is a common water leak culprit. Our pipes and faucets can only stand so much pressure, so if water pressure goes beyond what our pipes and faucets can take, it can cause water leaks.

Appliance Seals

When installing any type of water appliance, like a sink or faucet, there are usually seals that are installed on the water connectors. When the seals of the water connectors break, it can cause water leaks. This is a common water leak issue if the seals are older.

Water Connectors

Pipes and water hoses are water connectors because they connect the water to your faucet and sink. It is common for a water connector to become loose or shift, which can cause leaks to spring.


After a time, water tends to rust pipes. If your pipes are older, than it’s possible that your pipes are dealing with a bit of corrosion, which can lead to water leaks. Corrosion are pretty common water leaks for older homes.

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