Common Toilet Trouble and What You Can Do about It

Toilet Repair

Your toilet is one of the most important parts of your home or business plumbing. When it backs up it can not only cause an emergency, it can be hazardous. For these bigger problems, you will need to contact your local plumber for fast and efficient service. There are a few common issues we all have to deal with when it comes to these parts of our system. We have compiled some of the top issues you may have to deal with and what you can do about them. 

Toilet Issues You May Experience

Your Tank Fills Slowly

After a flush, your bowl begins to fill again. However, if you notice if filling slowly, you may not be wrong in thinking there is an issue. A slow fill can be a sign that your tank isn’t getting all the water it needs when it needs it. This may be a partially turned off shut off valve. This will be located behind the tank. You can adjust this manually.

Your Toilet Bowl Water Level Slowly Drops

One your toilet bowl has filled, do you notice the water level slowly dropping over time? This can be caused by a couple of things, a clog or possibly a crack in the bowl itself. Inspect your toilet bowl for any damage or look at the base for water pooling. if you do find pooling water, follow it to its source to find the crack or damage. Repairing this issue will simply require a new bowl installation or clog removal service.

Your Toilet Flushes Slowly

A slow flush is an indicator that you have a partial clog in the line. Since the clog is only partial it is still allowing some of the water and waste to get through.The next time you flush, pay attention to the way your toilet flushes and any noises you hear. Gurgling sounds from your sink or tub are a sign there is some back up in the pipes. If the toilet backs up a bit before flushing, you have a clog!

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