What You Can Do At Home To Clear a Clog

When you have a clog on your toilet, shower or sink, you may think there isn’t much you can do about it. The truth is, before you even call a plumber out to your home, there are few things you can do to attempt to fix the problem. You can:

Use Chemicals – There are special chemicals that you can find in most stores that are available to push down your sink. The trick to these is that they use the chemicals to try to eat away and break down the clogs that is in your sink. The negative side to these is that they will temporarily work but they won’t remove the clog completely. Basically, they are just buying you more time until you have a plumber come out and clean your pipes out. However, if the clog is small enough, this may actually do the trick just line.

Using a Hanger – If you have a metal wire hanger, you may be able to use it down your sink to until you feel the clog and you are able to either pull it out or push a hole through it so that the water will run through. Sometimes this knocks the clog lose and you are good to go. Other times it just fixes the problem for a while.

No matter what you decide to do, it will all depend on how it ends up. If the clog does not go away on its own, you will want to call a plumber out right away. At Westside Plumbing we have the best plumber around, just call 817-560-4144.