What Causes Leaky Pipes?

leaky pipesThere are various things that can be the cause of your leaky pipes. Unfortunately, those leaky pipes can lead to even more significant water damage in your home if not treated early on. Check out some of the most common reasons for pipe leakage.

Clogs: There are countless items that can go down your drains and create nasty clogs, including hair, small articles of clothing, food, grease and oil, toilet paper. These are just some of the many items. A good way to judge whether you have a clog is if your showers, sinks, and toilets are drains slower than normal.

Temperature Change: Hot and cold water is consistently used throughout your home. Whether, it’s during that hot shower or washing off those veggies. The constant temperature can cause crack in your pipes or even cause them to burst. In some case, if the weather is cold enough, your pipes will contract. Once water runs through them they then expand. After a while of the fluctuation,cracks and crevices can begin to form, resulting leaky pipes.

Unregulated Water Pressure: If your plumbing has not been installed or maintained correctly and the pressure of the water is not properly managed, this could result in cracks along the pipes. This obviously lead to to the unwanted problem of a leaky pipe. A good way to avoid this massacre is to simply have a pressure regulator installed.

So as you can see, there are a lot of different things that could cause your pipes to leak, but there are also ways that they can be avoided. So save yourself the time, money, and stress and give our plumbing pros a call at (817) 560-4144. Westside Plumbing has everything you need when it comes to those messy pipes.