3 Surprising Things Garbage Disposals Hate

Garbage disposals make it more convenient to get rid of food scraps, but if you put the wrong things into them, watch out! You could have a plumbing emergency on your hands. While disposals can handle many things, they don’t have the power to crush super-tough things like bones or fruit pits. Here are three things you should definitely never try to dispose of in your sink.

Coffee Grounds

Though they seem like they would go down just fine, coffee grounds are problematic. Their texture causes them to get stuck in the garbage disposal’s trap. They can also clog up pipes, if they make it that far. Luckily, they can be thrown away or composted.

a photo of pasta shaped like lettersRice and Pasta

Because these foods swell when wet, they’re not good candidates for going down the drain. They can grow many times their original size over time. Eventually, they can clog your drain or fill up the disposal’s trap. If you’ve got pasta left on your plate, make leftovers, or scrape it into the garbage.

Egg Shells

Egg shells pose two problems. First, their inner membrane can come off in strips and get caught up in your disposal’s blades. They can also become a clogging hazard. Most disposals can reduce them to tiny pieces, but the pulverized shells can fill up the trap or clog the drain. It’s best to use egg shells in your garden, or throw them away.

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