What is a Video Inspection System?

Sewer Lines Are Interconnected With the City's Plumbing System!

Your sewer line is part of an interconnected city plumbing system!

When buying a pre-existing home, it’s important that you undergo inspections before making a closing arrangement. It’s especially important to conduct sewer line inspections when considering an older home as the materials they used in the past, such as Orangeburg pipes in the 1950s, naturally, disintegrate or corrode over time. Essentially, when all pipes age they naturally deteriorate and are susceptible to corrosion over time. Depending on the piping material, there are some that are more prone to damages than others. That’s why it’s recommended to get home or plumbing inspections done at least once a year in order to maintain proper system functions of your home and to prevent future damages from escalating. Nowadays, most of plumbing or sewer line inspections services include the use of state of the art waterproof cameras that are able to travel through pipe systems to investigate potential damages. Here’s a little background regarding just what sewer pipes are and what they do in concern to you and the city. Additionally, find out if video pipe inspection services are right for you!

What Sewer Pipes Are

Sewer Pipes Connect to City Line

Sewer pipes are larger in size as they are connected to the overall city line.

Sewer pipes are technically more broad in their spectrum and connectivity than your drain pipes. But they do connect to your drain piping systems, in fact, they connect to every home’s individual drain systems! Your drains are smaller than sewer pipes and connect directly from the rooms in your homes and ultimately feed out into the larger sewer line connections. Sewer lines, in turn, are part of a larger city-wide system that feeds into water treatment centers. Since sewer lines are larger and heavy duty in their task, they can be exposed to more severe outside damages more so than regular pipes. Sewer pipes work with the power of gravity as pipes naturally flow downhill. So when something goes into the pipe system such as debris, water or waste it will flow through until it reaches a septic tank or ends up at the city’s waste treatment center. If something catches, then there’s more potential for build up or blockages. During these cases, it’s up to plumbing inspection services to investigate the issue before main lines get backed up or leaks occur. Leaks or pipe bursts are dangerous as they can affect your foundation and the water progression of the city line at large if severe enough.

Sewer Pipe Camera Inspections

A video camera is inserted into a cleanout area of a sewer line for sewer pipe inspections.

What is a sewer line inspection?

A sewer line inspection usually incorporates the use of a video camera that enters through a cleanout area of your piping system. The video camera then travels through the pipes to access if there are any breaks, corrosion, build up, tree root invasion or other damages that may need to be followed up with plumbing repairs and replacements.

What is a video pipe inspection?

A video inspection for pipes incorporates a state of the art waterproof miniature camera that’s attached to a flexible rod which can travel through the many bends and twists of your piping systems. It’s ultimately attached to a viewing screen that can be observed by the plumber in order to view what the camera is revealing.

Things that a video inspection can identify:

  • The material of pipes
  • Sewer system connections
  • Locate lines
  • Find drainage or stoppage issues (build up, clogs, root invasion)
  • Inspect corrosion
  • Identify breaks or holes in the system

How much does video sewer inspection cost?

Depending on your local plumbing company, this service can be provided free of cost or range on average anywhere from $80 – $300.

How much does it cost to replace a sewer line?

Costs depend on your location and the extent of repairs or replacements. A full sewer line replacement averages $3,000-$25,000, or $50-$250 per foot. A main sewer line replacement averages from $1,069-$4,069.

Sewer Lines Connect to Your City's Water Treatment Facility!

All sewer lines connect to your city’s waste water treatment facilities!

How long does a sewer inspection take?

A sewer inspection typically takes about an hour.

Using a camera video inspection tool for your sewer lines can aid in finding more severe issues of your section of the sewer pipeline. Some repairs may be as simple as hydro jetting clogs, tree root invasion or other blockages while others may need pipe replacements or repairs. In either scenario, it will minimize digging potential of your landscape as it will localize the issue before repairs. It’s important to conduct in regular home maintenance and plumbing maintenance checks every now and then to catch potential problems before they naturally progress and escalate. You can rely on your local plumbing company (Fort Worth, TX plumbing service) or other relevant services (Trane heating system) depending on the section and system of the house you are trying to inspect! Rely on video inspections for swift and easy detection!

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