Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs To Be Repaired

Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs To Be Repaired

The garbage disposals in our kitchen play an important part in the clean up of our kitchen. They discard scraps so they can pass through our plumbing systems. Because of this, it’s important to keep them in good condition. However, everything needs repairs from time to time, including garbage disposals, but knowing what signs to look out for can save you money and time. Below are signs your garbage disposal needs to be repaired.

Bad Odor

Sure, our garbage disposals can smell bad if something isn’t properly shredded, but can usually be fixed by turning it on one more time to free up the scraps. However, there are times when bad odors occur and there is nothing you can do to make the smell go away. When you have tried everything, it’s probably best to call a professional.

Perpetual Clogging

It doesn’t matter if you are putting a lot of food scraps down the disposal or just a small amount, your garbage disposal will inevitably clog. When this happens, calling a plumber can remedy the situation so that the problem does not become worse.


This is a big sign that your garbage disposal needs to be repaired. Either the seal around the garbage disposal is leaking or the actual device is leaking onto your floor, both things need to be properly dealt with in order to remedy the issue.

Won’t Turn On

If your garbage disposal simply won’t turn on one day, calling an expert plumber can ensure that your garbage disposal is up and running in no time, so you can have the ability to discard food from your plate without making your trash smell of old food.

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