Top Four Plumbing Myths

The plumbing industry, like most others, has its fair share of myths that float around from person to person. Most of them are not dangerous, but can wear down your parts! Some are even just funny. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite plumbing myths to share.

Plumbing Myths

Photo of mythsMyth: In the northern hemisphere, toilets flush counter clockwise. In the southern hemisphere, it flushes clockwise.

It sounds pretty cool, but this is not necessarily true. What determines a flush pattern is the design of the toilet, not location.

Myth: Thomas Crapper created the first toilet.

While Thomas Crapper & Co didĀ improveĀ upon the design and own one of the first modern ones, he did not create it. He did own one of the first toilets.

Myth: Leaking faucets are no big deal.

This leaking may not seem like a big deal, but it is actually a problem on two fronts. First, that leak is dripping water that you are not using. You will pay for it however. Second, that leak indicates that your tap has washers and other components that may be breaking down within the faucet itself!

Myth: Dropping some lemon peels in your garbage disposal will make it smell better!

Well, yes, it will make it smell better. However, not many stock garbage disposals are powerful or sharp enough do eliminate the lemon peel afterwards. This means that the peel hangs out in your pipes and later down the line causes even worse smells.

We hope you enjoyed our top four plumbing myths! Give us a call for your plumbing needs at (817) 560-4144!