Electric Water Heater Repair & Installation

A Plumber Adjusts the Fittings on an Electric Water Heater

Electric Water Heaters are Dangerous to Handle Without the Proper Training and Equipment.

Are you in need of an electric water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX? It can be a real pain when your hot water heater goes on the fritz. When you wake up in the morning and step into a freezing cold shower, you know something’s gone wrong. Even if you don’t know what the problem is, you can reach out to the friendly team at Westside Plumbing for assistance. We’ll start with an in-depth analysis of your heater to identify the problem, then provide you with cost-effective options for your system’s repair or replacement. Call our team today at (817) 560-4144 and find out why so many homeowners rely on us for all their plumbing needs!

Professional Heater Repair

There are several challenges that your electric water heater can encounter during its long life cycle. Some of these arise from electrical difficulties, such as a faulty thermostat. Malfunctioning heating elements can also cause your heater to be under-powered when warming your water supply. Make sure you never try to remove the heating elements without contacting your local plumber. Otherwise, you could face significant water damage if the water floods out.

Leaky tanks are another problem that we occasionally see during service visits. The inner lining of the tank can be degraded by corrosion or mineral deposits, though the issue often lies with improper fitting. No matter why your electric water heater needs repair, you can count on our knowledgeable plumber to identify the problem and provide lasting repairs.

Expert Water Heater Installation & Replacement

Not every heater malfunction can be fixed. Sometimes an old water heater simply requires replacement. When that happens in your home, we’d love to help you find a cost-effective replacement unit! Whether that’s a new electric system or a tankless water heater, you can depend on us to install it properly and restore your hot water.

Ready to get started on your personalized water heater service? Call our team today! Dial (817) 560-4144¬†and ask for your Fort Worth, TX electric water heater repair or installation. When it comes to finding lasting solutions for your home, there’s no matter source than the helpful team at Westside Plumbing!